The Chronicles of Women in White Coats

Becoming a doctor is where the story begins for the authors of “The Chronicles of Women in White Coats”.

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Dr. Sriraman is a wonderful woman, doctor, writer, editor and advocate. We connected through our book “The Chronicles of Women in White Coats” and we have had an opportunity to continue to work together through our Women In White Coats blog. She is an excellent writer and editor who is not afraid to write about and discuss topics that are sometimes difficult to discuss. She truly cares about being a voice and an advocate for women in medicine and young women considering a career in medicine. She genuinely wants to empower others with the knowledge they need and bring about real change for women in medicine. It’s been such a pleasure and honor to work with Dr. Sriraman.

Dr. Archana Shrestha, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Women in White Coats

Fantastic person, doctor, mother!!

Beth Ann Peters

Dr. Sriraman is a wonderful physician, mentor, and friend. I had the opportunity to work with her during my clinical years in medical school and treasure the time I spent learning from her. In training we tend to gravitate to those that lift us up when we need it most and Dr. Sriraman constantly lifts up everyone around her. I admire Dr. Sriraman for her ability to juggle being a doctor, mom, researcher, advocate, and teacher. You’re a positive influence on everyone you meet!

Lindsey Vignali, M4 (Future MD)

Natasha is one of the most caring, kind and energetic people I know. She is a fabulous Breastfeeding advocate, passionate Pediatrician, wonderfully involved mother, loving wife, student mentor, and fun neighbor. She talks the talk and walks the walk (actually, runs!). I’m honored to call her friend!

Cherie Price, PA-C, IBCLC

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dr. Sriraman fresh out of nursing school. She has a personable attitude with her patients as well as the professionals she works with. I find that to be a great quality to have in patient care. The knowledge she possesses reflects in the quality of care she provides & I hope to work again with her in the future! Thanks for all you do Dr. Sriraman!

Victora Rytter, LPN

Dr. Sriraman is a fantastic MD! I’ve had the privilege of working with her for many years. She is very knowledgeable and professional and always takes the time to explain everything to patients, students and professionals. She always speaks to everyone in a professional manner and shows respect and kindness to everyone she meets. Dr. Sriraman is one of my favorite MD’s that I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.

Aimee Griffin, LPN